A message from Jonathan to all

Hi there from Kampung Pisang Abadi! We are in our final week of rehearsals for H is for Hantu, and it’s shaping up to be a very exciting show indeed! The puppets are stunning, the script is hilarious and the music is unbelievably catchy and fun! We’ve also just finished recording a CD of the songs, so the audience will be able to take some memories home with them!

And the cast is a great joy – its wonderful to be reunited with STAGES old-timers like Edward Choy and Candice de Rozario, as well as first-time playmates like Koh Wan Ching and Gene Sha Rudyn – as well as my recent collaborators on other shows, like Ghazali Muzakir and Jo Tan! Its a powerful bunch with crazy chemistry – and the results are hilarious and moving!

STAGES is excited to be creating something wholly new, and testing new territory! H is for Hantu boldly takes the interactive family fun of the panto and the sassiness of the musical comedy; adds the visual magic of puppetry and the irresistible fascination of our local supernatural folklore, and weaves them into a truly Singaporean story of nostalgia VS newness, and a heartwarming story of friendships that endure separation and defy barriers – of race, age, species, even death.

To quote one of my favorite songs from the show  :
” So let change come, cos we’re ready –
Your hand in mine holds me steady.
What will be will be, but if you’re with me;
We’ll have tasted forever already. ”

It is a show that we have grown to love, and we can’t wait to share the laughter, the music, the magic and the warmth with audiences out there.

We hope that you can help STAGES to share this wonderful experience with more people. Word of mouth is the best media for something as human as theatre. Please take the time to urge your friends, family, colleagues and strangers you meet to take a chance on Hantu. We have many seats left to sell, and we need to sell much more to break even and cover production costs – so do help us if you can.

Do let us know if you need any flyers, posters, Zo cards, e-flyers or other info that will help you spread the word!

from Jonathan Lim (Artistic Director, STAGES)
and all of us in H is for Hantu



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5 responses to “A message from Jonathan to all

  1. Supertutorgirl

    hi! i just wanted to be the first to tell you that i’m extremely excited about watching the play! :))

  2. Katrina

    Hi Guys!

    Watched and loved it.
    Particularly loved the musical allusions to other songs!
    Just a thought, do a live recording, can? The CD’s great, but the cast sounded truly amazing live!

  3. Random

    Just got home from watching the play.
    Really awesome and great! Loved it!

  4. jocelyn

    I love the play and the songs are so catchy!~ Btw, will i still be able to get the CDs?

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